Band Members

I am the lead singer, lead guitarist and leader of the band.  Jim and I played together as early as grade school. But it wasn't until 2007 that we decided to get a band going again. I had just taken a ten year rest from the music business, but longed for the energy and fun that came from the simple days of rock and roll. As a teenager I loved those days, plugging into an amp and just playing - no synthesizers or drum machines...just a few guys playing their hearts out. And we still play the great songs of many of my favorite artists: Ricky Nelson, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, CCR, Brian Setzer and the Stray Cats and Surf music(Classics and Los Straitjackets Covers). We also play the great hits of hometown favorites like Sam McCue and Larry Lynne and learned from listening to them wailing on the guitar. Come out and hear the classics that keeps rock and roll alive and well for future generations to enjoy!

It’s been a long and rewarding musical journey! After taking accordion lessons at my parents’ urging it became obvious I’d  never land a gig in rock and roll. So at the tender age of 13 I tossed the accordion in favor of a bass guitar. The first song I learned on bass was the classic “Mr. Tambourine Man.” My first band performance was for a year-end assembly for my freshman class. It was one of the most thrilling moments of my young life and I knew then that playing in a band was the thing for me. I played with a band after high school called the Coalition. After that I got together with Paul Barry and Dennis Shaske and formed Barry’s Truckers. After a sucessful stint with that band I graduated college and took a job in New York City. Then came marriage to my lovely wife Kathy and fatherhood of three fantastic boys, which left no time for a band. But as any musician knows, you can take the man out of the music but you can’t take the music out of the man! So here I am today, still rockin. Come hear us!!


I, like millions of people, tuned in to Ed Sullivan that February night in 1964. I was already hanging by the drummer at weddings, so after seeing the fab four my fate was sealed. My father was also my biggest supporter, and bought me a snare drum in marine pearl. I would play it for many years, until around 1968 when he bought me a full drum set. Along with my friends Jeff Smidt and Steve Hamilton we formed a band called Axis, named for the Jimi Hendrix album. We also had a keyboard player and lead singer, a pretty good band considering our ages. Our first gig was opening up for the Steve Swedish Orchestra in 1970. We played on and off for the next few years. Fast forward to 1979. Punk was nearing its end and new wave was taking over. I got in with quite a crowd including Leroy Buth of the Lubricants, Brian Richie of The Violent Femmes, and the late Presley Haskle. I joined Leroy and played some shows with the Lubricants, and later formed a band called The Rhomboids with Richie, Tim Taylor and the late Jeff ''stinky'' Worman. My next band, The Sidewalks, with leader Dan Kwas, went back to the music of our youth from the 60s. We played a mix of British Invasion and, Motown covers long before Phil Collins. Eventually an original album was released on Rhino Records. Later I moved on to play a new kind of tribal dance rock in a group called Kafka, after the German writer. This band did all originals and played many high profile shows. Over the next ten years or so I played in various bands, from blues to alt country. It's great, after all these years, to be in a high-energy band again with The Boomers.

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